Terence Mills

Entrepreneur, marketer, AI pioneer & digital technology specialist.

I’m passionate about building big businesses, boosting efficiency across the board & strengthening decision-making.

Terence has built eight global enterprises, two of which sold to MCI for $1.8 billion

While CEO at Sonix Systems, an AT&T Wireless distributor and service provider, we grew from $1 million to over $25 million in revenue within a year because of how we were leveraging mobile technology through e-commerce, social media, and television to provide a wide array of digital media applications on a wireless platform. At SkyTel, I helped manage the growth of the business and the brand, resulting in revenue growth of $50 million to over $450 million, making it one of the most recognized brands in the world in only three years. SkyTel propelled the proliferation and use of media technology to the top of the Fortune 1000, by providing a data convergence tool that met the needs of the enterprise.

Each morning I get excited by the thought of how to help clients transform their businesses by bridging the gap of AI, big data, and mobile to determine where they converge. As an AI influencer, thought leader, member of the Forbes Technology Council, and keynote speaker, I am educating enterprises, and industry about artificial intelligence – evangelizing the need for a new class of AI that is explainable, accountable, not biased, nor destructive.

Helping our clients create a truly efficient business by putting information into the hands of employees so that they can take action and strengthen decision-making often leading to revenue growth is what sets us apart from others; it’s ingrained in our company’s DNA. At Moonshot, we believe in serving our clients by aligning their technology, media, and mobile strategies with their business goals. Please reach out if you’d like to find out how we can help open up a digital universe for you and your company.

As a six time CEO, Terence knows profitable enterprises are built by employing effective technological and digital strategies.

At Moonshot, a leading, cutting-edge digital transformation company, Terence serves as CEO. Moonshot is helping the enterprise do things that make what they already do better. Moonshot is transforming nearly every aspect of the enterprise by providing strategic digital, AI, and mobile technologies that create amazing experiences, ignite conversation, activate communities, inform customers, and influence key decision makers within industry. With Moonshot’s investment in AI.io, an artificial intelligence, data science and engineering company where Terence is CEO, we are changing the nature of work and how people live their lives in ways they could only have imagined. PLATO, a cognitive, neural network powering apps in consumer, enterprise, and government use cases for machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, machine reasoning, and cognitive AI, is propelling advances in productivity, and communication through unique insights that improve decision-making, and often lead to revenue growth.

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