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I’m passionate about building big businesses. While CEO at Sonix Systems, an AT&T Wireless distributor and service provider, we grew from $1 million to over $25 million in revenue within a year because of how we were leveraging mobile technology through ecommerce, social media, and television to provide a wide array of digital media applications on a wireless platform. At SkyTel, I helped manage the growth of the business and the brand, resulting in revenue from $50 million to over $450 million, making it one of the most recognized brands in the world in only three years. SkyTel propelled the proliferation and use of media technology to the top of the Fortune 1000, by providing a data convergence tool that met the needs of the enterprise. Each morning I get excited by the thought of how to help our clients bridge the gap of media and wireless and determining where they converge. Helping our clients create truly social companies is what sets our work apart from others; it’s engrained in our company’s DNA. At Mills, we believe in serving our clients by aligning their media and mobile strategies with their business goals. Please reach out if you’d like to find out how we can help open up a digital universe for you and your company.



Entrepreneur, marketer, and digital media strategist Terence Mills has built eight global enterprises including executive management participation in two public companies, InteliData Technologies and SkyTel Corporation which sold to MCI for $1.8 billion. His ability to harness the power of Internet and mobile technology to support sound business goals is his secret weapon.

At Mills, a full service media and digital agency, Terence serves as Chairman of the Board. Mills Digital Agency provides clients with strategic digital campaigns that create amazing experiences, ignite conversation, activate communities, inform customers and influence key decision makers within industries including healthcare, technology, entertainment, publishing, and financial services just to name a few.

As a six time CEO, Terence knows profitable enterprises are built by employing effective mobile and social strategies. Terence works with Fortune 1000 companies, TV personalities, and CEOs of globally recognized brands, guiding them to become social CEOs by establishing both their personal and company brand and aligning their business goals with a focused and profitable digital agenda. Terence is also a Director of Jump City, a production firm that specializes in producing short business films, video shorts for YouTube, and infomercials.

In his free time, Terence regularly contributes to the The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to help create and implement innovative solutions to the World’s most pressing challenges. In the winter, you can find him skiing on the slopes of Aspen, Vail, and various resorts around the world.






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